AARP Service Day Joy

remarks from Jeff Franco, Executive Director

CSX Civic Engagement & Winston Team Members

I just want to share my joy and pride for the first class service day put on for AARP’s employees and the staff and students at Winston Education Campus.  Everyone from AARP enjoyed a powerful day of transformative service and Principal Jones was beside herself with joy and gratitude. The day was the perfect combination of community service, school beautification, volunteer engagement and corporate support.

This service day is a ripple because  Alaina Briceland-betts, a Winston corps member last year, got her Mom (who works for AARP) involved in our work, which led to this great day.  Alaina is now a college freshman but came back for our service day to serve with her mother, AARP and the new corps members! Thanks Alaina!

CYDC’s first official service project of the year really got our site off to a great start. A very special thanks to the Stanton, Winston and CSX Civic Engagement teams for powerfully leading the day.


Any thoughts?

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