Why I Serve: Janelle Naomi

I serve because as a product of DCPS I can relate to the struggles of the students we will interact with and I hope to be a hero for them; like the one I never had for myself.

I serve for the forgotten and the forsaken

For East of the River and kids not easily shaken

For neighborhood fights with kids who aren’t considered bright

For Section8 homes and kids who hate going home

I serve for free lunch receivers, for inadequate readers and over worked teachers

I serve for Washington, D.C., for Janelle Naomi, and all others like me

I serve for drop-out rates, for social services cases and all those forgotten faces

I serve for love and for the continual lack thereof

I serve for needs unmet and pain direct

I serve for unshed tears and a system broken for years

I serve for rising test scores and hoards and hoards of graduating seniors

For crack babies and crack feeners

For the dreamers and the believers

For avid over achievers

For spirited wings that fly in skies with turbulent fevers

I serve for the invisible, for long forgotten principles and values in our hearts

For kids stumbling in the dark

For red seas that never part

For finish lines that seem to far

I serve for my third grade teacher, for the finders and the seekers for life preservers and love keepers

I serve for the corps and for the millions more

I serve because I believe in the power of you and me.

What will inspire you to serve?


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