Ripples: The Alumni Way

written by Stefanie Vestal, alumni, former staff member, and City Year Alumni Association of Washington, DC co-chair

In my six years working for City Year some of my best memories and most rewarding experiences involved the alumni.  It is largely those experiences that led me to become co-chair of the City Year Alumni Association of Washington, DC in my ‘Leadership After City Year’.  As a corps member – and even a staff member – it is easy to get caught up with the here and now; planning the next event, getting lessons ready for after-school clubs or small group tutoring session, taking on extra leadership opportunities, and worrying about what you are going to do after your service year!  However, there is much more to a City Year; and as an active member of the alumni association I hope that we as alumni can be integral in bringing that to light with the corps each year.

Stef and the '10-'11 CSX Civic Heroes Team

One amazing way to do that is through our annual 18-Minute Networking Event. This year we are going to be leading the corps on Friday, December 9.  It is an afternoon focused solely supporting the corps in their career explorations.  We have alumni and other professionals come in for small, focused discussion groups with the current corps members on anything from applying to college to working in different professional fields such as social work, teaching, and business.  Each corps member attends three sessions in fields they are interested in.  In my years at City Year, this event was consistently one of the most praised from both corps members and alumni because corps members get first hand professional advice and contacts while alumni get to use their City Year experience to guide current corps and continue to create ripples, even after their service year.

I hope the current corps is looking forward to the event, and know that there is always an active group of alumni available to support them in many ways – so feel free to reach out to us outside of the events we plan.  We can’t wait to welcome you to the alumni club in a few months – graduation isn’t as far away as it seems!

If you are interested in getting connected with alumni in the DC area, email Stef at


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