The Circle of Lil’ Browne Life

written by Maddie Christy, corps member serving on the Comcast Team at the Browne Education Campus

In a school like the Browne Education Campus, where there are nearly twenty City Year corps members on site at any given time, our presence is noticeable both in the hallways and in the culture of the building. We are fortunate enough to have two teams serving in the northeast Washington DC school; one for the middle school and our team who works with the kindergarten through fourth grade classes.

The “Little Browne” team, as we are known, is anything but little. We work tirelessly throughout the school day in our individual classrooms: helping support teachers during instruction, pulling small groups to work on math and literacy skills,and hosting lunch clubs. At 3:30 our day really comes into full swing.

First, with homework help, each team member goes to his or her respective grade for one hour, followed by another hour of clubs or Starfish, our leadership development program. Currently our team is working with students on a “Peace in Our Community” unit in Starfish.

Senior Corps member Jeffrey Cooke taking a deep breath during service

As a team, we have done so many creative and engaging projects and activities including teaching Tai Chi, taking the students on Google Earth “field trips” and watching the Lion King to demonstrate peace within nature.

With schedules and workloads like ours, the stress can feel overwhelming, but our team has taken a cue from Disney by adopting the problem-free philosophy of Hakuna Matata. When we get into our City Year room at the end of every day, we take a deep breath, talk about the events of the day and above all else, we laugh. In the past four months, we have grown into a community that relies upon each other’s strengths. It is this trust in ourselves as a whole that has made us so proud and successful. We know the job is hard and it would be a hundred times harder if we didn’t have such dependable and big-hearted teammates there to cheer us on every step of the way.

The Comcast Team serving at the Browne Education Campus aka "Little Browne"

With more pride than in all of Pride Rock, I can say that I serve with the Comcast Team at the Browne Education Campus with nine fantastically talented teammates.


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