Networking: The Do’s and Don’ts

As you may of read here, we had our 18 minute networking event on December 9th.  It was an amazing event where not only City Year alumni, but AmeriCorps alumni and champions of national service, supported Corps Members in their future pursuits.

Corps Members are often given the opportunity to meet exciting leaders in our community.  Here are our top Do’s and Don’ts we give out to our corps members:

DO share Starfish stories DON’T gossip about service partners

Sharing experiences that revolve around connections made are much more powerful then complaining about the different service partners you all may have in common.  Be remembered for making an impact, not recognizing faults of others.

DO exchange contact info if a connection is made DON’T blanket the room

Blanketing the room with your resume and business card is not the way to make a meaningful relationship in the networking world. If a particular alum’s story or career path resonates with you, ask if they are willing to exchange contact information and make sure to follow through.  Be aware of how you are asking and who you are in front of, it may put pressure on the presenter if you ask in front of a group of people.  If the presenter or person of interest offers you their card, make sure to follow up if you are interested.  They have clearly shown an interest in supporting you so connect away.

DO listen to stories DON’T override the conversations of others

Although you should take full advantage of the time you have, make sure that everyone gets a chance to listen, ask questions, and build relationships. Don’t give off the wrong impression by being too pushy or overbearing.  Show how much you have learned working  on a team this past year!


Any thoughts?

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