A Night at the Food Museum

Written by Sarah Levant, corps member serving on the Spingarn High School Team

Recently, the Spingarn High School Team hosted a health-themed event for the school and surrounding community.  The event was called A Night at the Food Museum, and was aimed at showing those who attended how easy making healthy choices  really is.

Planning for the event started early in the fall.  Together with my teammates Tarangi Sutaria and Alex Gebhart and I decided A Night at the Food Museum would focus on literacy, health, and wellness.  We hoped that A Night at the Food Museum at Spingarn Senior High School would introduce students, parents, and community members to different healthy foods.

Hoping to get the entire community involved, the Spingarn Senior High School Team spent their planning time devoted to contacting community leaders to donate their time and resources to our event. As a team, our hard work paid off.

DC Central Kitchen supplied our main entrée, and provided a cooking demonstration. Also at our exhibit, Georgetown University Medical Center explained how much sugar is in soda, how food impacts your health, and took participants’ heart rate. Our partner at Spingarn, Diplomas Now, donated a $500 grant to sponsor our event. With help from these partners and other generous community members like Trader Joes, Safeway, and Costco the event was spectacular. The success of the event showed students and parents that their community supported them, and made clear the opportunities for healthy choices around them.

According to our 60 survey responses, 70% of the participants at A Night at the Food Museum agreed they learned something new at the event, while 68% of the people who attended the event enjoyed eating healthier food options. Most importantly, 53% of the people who attended said they would try healthier food options at home.

At the end of the night, the 120 participants were well fed, informed, and received recipe books. However, four lucky Spingarn students not only enjoyed the event, but were picked from a raffle. One lucky student won two Redskins football tickets, and enjoyed the Redskins vs. the Jets game on December 4th, and others received a football signed by the special guests at the event, collegiate track star James Richards and Former Philadelphia Eagles player Buddy White.

Aside from statistics showing A Night at the Food Museum’s achievement, days after the event I heard students in the hallway swapping stories about the event. I smiled to myself because more than any other quantifiable measure of success, that was the best indicator.


Any thoughts?

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