Application Tips for February 15th Deadline

by Lauren N. Jarema, Communications and Outreach Associate

  1. Don’t Delay Start today! The application’s easier than you think, it only takes an hour to complete.  Simply provide basic biographical information, two professional references, and two short answer essays.  You don’t have to wait for City Year to receive your recommendations in order to submit your completed application.
  2. Show Us What You’ve Got Everything you submit will be added to your applicant file.  A few well-prepared items will strengthen your application:
    • Resume
    • Cover Letter: A formal email that accompanies your resume shows a higher level of professionalism.
    • Thank You: Appreciation and courtesy are integral parts of City Year’s culture. A timely thank you note or email can go a long way.
  3. Know Your Stuff Applicants who take the time to really understand City Year’s service are more capable of articulating why they’re the best candidate and ask better questions. Ways to learn more about City Year:

5-7:30pm at City Year DC (1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Ste 1130)

Learn about City Year from corps members who are excited to talk about their service with you. RSVP to Jennifer Upchurch at or 202.742.7393.

Can’t join us for the Open House? Check out these helpful links:



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