A Day in the Life: Lianne Shields

written by Lianne Shields, Project Leader of Training and Evaluation

Last year, I served at THE Browne Education Campus in a third grade classroom.  My service revolved around my 16 students, 8 team mates, and our school.  This year, as Project Leader of Training and Evaluation, my service revolves around the 160 corps members that serve here in Washington, DC. My goal is to help facilitate the best possible corps experience through training, leadership developments opportunities, and utilizing the data we are collecting to produce even better results.  Here is what a “normal” Wednesday looks like for me!

9:00am Arrive at the City Year Washington, DC office

Since I am a Project Leader, I do not have a team of corps members that I serve with every day. Instead, I have three staff members who help guide and oversee the many projects that I have to juggle. Walking around the office is much different than being at school but it is fun none-the-less.

We started as corps members together and now Jennifer and I are both Project Leaders! photo | graeme meyer

10:00am Training Check In

Every Friday, the training team runs training for our corps members.  Sessions range from topics that deal directly with our service (tutoring refreshers, behavior tips), to information sessions about different job fields, to social justice issues, and even interview-like session from local leaders about their career paths.  We meet to discuss the upcoming Friday as well as planning for the next set of trainings.

11:30am Work on the LACY Newsletter

A large part of my service is helping corps members develop Leadership After City Year, or as we call it, LACY. We have graduate, undergraduate, and professional programs that recognize our service as an positive quality of a potential student and encourage us to apply through monetary and academic incentives (You can check them out here).  There are constant updates about new partnerships and activities so I try to send out a bi-weekly newsletter

12:00pm Lunch!

1:00pm Data analysis

Right now I’m working on compiling our mid year survey results from our principals, liasons, teachers, and corps members.  It is great to see responses and highlight parts of our service that are going really well and comparing results across the different groups. Once our evaluations team is done, we will present the information to our staff and senior corps.

Our recent Comcast Career Day was a success due in part to the Training team's hard work! photo | graeme meyer

2:45pm Social Media Leadership Meeting

Our social media leadership team meets bi-weekly to discuss content, our amazing Red Team of corps member writers, and updates one another on the next two weeks.

4:00pm Senior Corps Meeting

As a Senior Corps we meet weekly to share best practices, plan our Senior Corps Initiative, deliver information, and problem solve as a team.  It is a great way to connect about the different service that is going on at all of our different schools.

Two UC Davis Alums serving in the same city! Just one of many reasons I love this corps!

While no two days are the same, I love that my service ties into the service of so many others! Corps members truly re-fuel me when I’ve had a long day and they are the reason why I continue to serve.

Follow Lianne on Twitter to keep up with her day to day tweets about life as a Senior Corps member and as the Project Leader of Training and Evaluation @LianneLeads


Any thoughts?

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