Celebrating our local “give a year” Partner: American University!

written by Lianne Shields, Project Leader of Training and Evaluation

As you may have read on our national blog, City Year across the network is celebrating a major achievement – we have 50 institutions who have become “give a year” Partners!

Corps members doing PT at American University

Here at City Year Washington, DC we are thrilled to highlight our newest local partner American University! American University is offering a unique opportunity for all City Year alumni interested in five different Masters programs.  Alumni will be placed in cohorts and even receive 3-6 credits for their time with City Year as well as a tuition scholarship up to 40%.

This week, I had a chance to speak with Danielle Sodani, the Director of Program Development and Community Outreach at American University about why the School of Education, Teaching & Health is looking to admit City Year alumni.

What excites you most about the partnership with City Year? 

“I think what excites us the most is that we will be bringing in students into our education program who have been in classrooms who have seen an urban setting first hand and who are already dedicated to the children in those classrooms. [Furthermore] corps members have already made that leap to make this their career and have proven their seriousness with their service.”

Why specifically does a City Year corps member appeal as a candidate?

“I wouldn’t have any doubt that they are responsible, dedicated, and prepared, based on their training at City Year.  They embody the four words on the back of the [quarter zip] you gave me! I know that since they were corps members they wouldn’t go into their choice for grad school lightly, so they are going to be great students.  They are going to know how serious the profession of teaching is and reflect that in learning their craft.  Plus, City Year does some of the vetting process for us. We know that our candidates are already top quality if they have come from City Year.”

The priority deadline for applications is April 1, 2012 but applications are accepted after that on a rolling basis. If you are a City Year alumni or staff member and interested in applying, check out our “give a year” Partner page and/or contact Lela Gant, City Year Program Coordinator at the School of Education, Teaching & Health, at gant@american.edu 202.885.3639


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