Celebrating a wonderful week of service

Today is Sunday, March 25th 2012 and we live to serve another day! And that’s a beautiful thing.

We start every meeting with the above call and response to show gratitude for the ability to serve.  Take a look at the photos below to see why we are so grateful to be serving!

Corps members pointing out DC loveSunday through Tuesday, some of our corps members got to attend Grad Nation. We got to partake in sessions all in relation to ending the education crisis. Check back this week to see corps members’ reaction to attending the Grad Nation Summit.

Learning what leadership and service means at BoeingOn Friday, our middle and high school corps members went to Boeing and listened to their top leaders speak on the values and importance of service and leadership. It was amazing to hear how companies value leadership and what skills to develop as leaders.

That same Friday, our elementary school corps members did service throughout our city, including volunteering with Turning the Page, Charlie’s Place and planting a community garden in Eckington. We also went back to Marie Reed Elementary School to continue serving that community by doing outdoor murals.

We love partnering with different organizations and expanding what leadership development means!

Check out all of the pictures below! If you served alongside our corps members last week, send an e-mail to Lianne [lshields11@cityyear.org] and we will tweet them [@CityYearDC] during Wordless Wednesday!

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Any thoughts?

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