You Don’t Have to “Give a Year” to Give Back: Support Camp City Year

written by corps member Liane Toohey serving on the Comcast Team at the Brown Education Campus

Some of my favorite childhood memories are from camp. Whether singing silly camp songs, making paper bead necklaces, or playing Sharks and Minnows, I always had an experience I would look forward to repeating. And as an added bonus for my parents, someone was supervising me and keeping me occupied and out of trouble all day!

When I learned that City Year annually hosted a camp for all DCPS students during their Spring Break, I jumped at the chance to be involved. Not only was I working to create an experience they could remember as fondly as I remembered camp, I was creating a safe environment in which for them to spend their week off. The camp is entirely planned and run by City Year Washington, DC corps members just like me.  And planning for this week of nonstop fun and learning takes a lot of work.

We need your help!  The success of Camp City Year depends on you, yes you. This is the perfect service opportunity for people who want to give back to their community but don’t have the time to devote a whole year to service. There are three easy ways to get involved:

  1. Volunteer. Camp City Year needs volunteers to help run session the week of students’ spring break, April 2nd to April 6th. Even if you are only available for a few hours, you can still lead a game, craft, or activity.
  2. Spread the word. Do you know a DCPS student in kindergarten (age 5) through 8th grade (age 14)? Do you have a friend who might want to volunteer? Send them this blog to make them aware of this opportunity.
  3. Donate. Every activity and craft at Camp City Year depends on donated supplies, and you would be surprised at how many useful items you already have around your house. See below for a list of things we need, although we will make use of any cleaning or craft supply you want to give.

Arts and Crafts

construction paper
loose-leaf (notebook) paper
computer paper
glue sticks/Elmer’s glue
toilet paper/paper towel rolls
empty tissue boxes
pipe cleaners

Cleaning Supplies

paper towels
Lysol wipes
Clorox/Lysol/Windex spray cleaners
butcher paper
dust pan
garbage bags

hand sanitizer
toilet paper
paper plates
plastic cups
bags of individually wrapped candies
Nerf balls
gift cards
safety pins
paper clips
coat hangers
snack foods
water bottles (empty and filled)
brown paper bags
disposable cameras

If you have any questions or would like to donate supplies or volunteer, email or call 202.742.5266. Additionally, please check our Camp City Year page for the most up-to-date information!

What’s your favorite memory of camp? Leave a comment below!


Any thoughts?

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