GradNation in a 1 Sentence Essay

written by Isabel Huston, Team Leader of the Case Foundation Team serving at Simon Elementary

From Sunday, March 18 to Tuesday March 21 America’s Promise Alliance hosted the GradNation Conference, a forum on ending the dropout crisis in America.

For the delegation of City Year Washington, DC corps members who attended the conference, the action started on Sunday with the Youth Pre-Leadership Conference.  Corps members had the opportunity to meet inspiring young leaders from across the country who are also taking action to end the dropout crisis wherever they are.

Corps members showcasing their DC pride at GradNation

Monday and Tuesday were a whirlwind of panels, presentations, and discussions about every aspect of education in America.  With over 1200 professionals from the government, business, and education sectors present, corps members were involved in a spectrum of conversations about how to improve education in America.Inspired by the “Six Word Essay Contest” hosted by Michelle Rhee’s Students First, here are corps members’ one sentence reactions to an inspiring three days at #GradNation:

“There’s much to do and so many people doing great things, but we have to be willing to work together using our strengths to solve this problem.”
-Alex Richards, Corps Member serving at Kramer Middle School

“The accident of your birth should not determine the outcome of your life.”
-Meaza Yalew, Team Leader for the Walmart team serving at Hart Middle School quoting John Bridgeland, CEO of Civic Enterprises

“Every 26 seconds, I can help beat the status quo.”
-Emily Nicholson, corps member serving on the Acacia Group Team at Kelly Miller Middle School

“A collaborative effort to inspire better quality in education, and hope in a more successful future.”
-Jacque Bensing, corps member serving at Spingarn High School

“Be creative. Be resilient. Be collaborative.”
-Roxanne Luedtke, corps member serving on the Comcast team at Browne Education Campus

“Eye Opening. Really Nice to see hundreds of people all stand for one cause at once.”
-Corps Member

“City Year gave me a present. GradNation showed me the future.”
-Isabel Huston, Team Leader serving on the Case Foundation Team serving at Simon Elementary School


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