Science Month at the Browne Education Campus

written by Maddie Christy, corps member serving on the Comcast team at the Browne Education Campus

Thinking back to elementary school there are few memories that have maintained such vivacity as those from either recess or from science class. Similar to many students I work with, my favorite subject has always been science and nothing made me happier as an elementary school student as our weekly visits to the science lab. It was a limitless place where learning was never forced but instead an explanation for how the world worked – something that grammar could never resolve.

Unlike myself, the students that I work with usually get the short end of the straw when it comes to a science education. When my team was presented the opportunity to apply for a grant, allowing us the ability to create an entire program on whatever we wished, we chose to base ours on a month-long science fair.

This past month, our after school program was completely dedicated to the study of sciences of all kinds; biology, physics, environmental, and chemistry. At the end of the month and right before our students departed for their Spring Break, we held a science fair where parents and teachers could come and listen to student presenters and create their own experiments. Here are some of the photo highlights:

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Overall, the month was full of wonder, discovery, understanding, and above all, fun. During the school day students loved to divulge the information they learned and one by one they became experts on a subject they rarely get to study.


Any thoughts?

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