A Smashing Success: Stanton ES Smarts and Arts Community Festival

written by Savan Shah, corps member serving at Stanton Elementary School

Using block parties and arts festivals as inspiration, the City Year team at Stanton Elementary recently put on the school’s first Smarts & Arts Community Festival. To create the festival atmosphere, the team set up tents and booths around the school’s football field. Each booth had an arts or literacy related activity for kids and community members alike. The activities included building a tile mosaic for the school, vision boards created using pictures from magazines, a drum circle and poetry exploration.

A book fair made possible through a grant by local non-profit, Books For America, allowed every student to take home at least one book of their choice. And of course, no great party would be complete without a moon bounce! A cookout manned by City Year volunteers from other schools provided the participants with hot dogs, chips, cupcakes, donuts and candy. Big thanks to Harris Teeter, Red Velvet, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Boli’s and Girl Scouts of America for making the cookout possible.

Here are some pictures from the event but check out our Flickr page for more!

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2 responses to “A Smashing Success: Stanton ES Smarts and Arts Community Festival

  1. I volunteered at this event as a face painter. It was an amazing experience. One young boy came up to me and asked that I paint him as a wolf. I looked over to a corps member serving on the Stanton team for advice. Aris wrote and mouthed something along the lines of, “just paint him like you would a cat.” And so I did. At the end, the boy was gesturing to his mouth, trying to express something, but I couldn’t catch it when Aris jumped in and wrote, “he wants blood dripping on the sides of his mouth.”

    Oh boy!

    I can honestly say, though that the Smarts and Arts Festival was a smashing success. Hats off to the Stanton team!

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