Letter to My Graduates: Turner @ Green Class of 2018

To the Turner @ Green class of 2018,

It is coming up on a year since we parted ways.  You have been scattered throughout the city: some of you to charter schools, some of you to Prince George’s County, and others of you throughout the classrooms at Johnson Middle School, where you have a new group of City Year corps members to keep you on track.   And I have moved down the street to Simon Elementary where another set of students and another team of corps members occupy my time.

But no matter how the time passes, it will be you, my creative, loud, witty group of fifth graders who I think of first.  Throughout our year together you continuously humbled me; teaching me that—when we hold fast—patience and love are the weapons that can win any battle.

In this season of graduations, I urge you to remember this:  The grace and resilience that you showed through the hours we spent agonizing over adding mixed fractions are the strengths that will carry you through your education—from these early days of middle school, through your high school graduation six years from now, and beyond to college and the work force.

Keep dreaming, keep drawing, keep imagining, and have confidence in the images you create for yourself.  It is only by trusting in your goals and imaginings that you will become the young leaders you told me you wanted to be.  Lean on your tutors, mentors and teachers because they love you and believe in you. But you must love and believe in yourselves, too.

Know that you are strong and beautiful and fight to amaze those who doubt you.

I will never stop rooting for you, and I hope that every now and again, on your way to where you are going, you will stop and think of me.  Good luck, my friends, and thank you for pushing me to find my own depths in our time together.

Love always,

Miss Izzy


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