#GSD2012 Transforms Walker-Jones

This past Friday, May 18 over 700 volunteers from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) took the day off from advising influential business executives to transform the Walker-Jones Education Campus and the surrounding community in Northwest Washington, DC.  City Year was thrilled to partner with CEB for their 2012 Global Service Day here in Washington, DC as well as in Chicago and London.  Worldwide, 1,500 CEB volunteers spent the day with City Year transforming the communities that both organizations call home.

Walker-Jones is a school and community hub with a public library, community recreation center, and working farm attached to the property.  City Year and CEB volunteers worked together to beautify the community and bring school spirit to the whole block.  Students can now find their way to school by following a trail of blue paw prints down the sidewalk.  The school building is brighter, with murals covering many of the previously bare walls.  And the school’s grounds are a friendlier place: devoid of weeds, full of new benches, and replete with a brand new baseball diamond!

The day was an overall success, showcasing CEB’s commitment to social responsibility and giving us at City Year Washington, DC the manpower we needed to make a sustainable change at a community school.  See our combined impact in the slideshow below, and search #GSD2012 on Twitter to get a sense of what volunteers thought of the day.

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