Letter to My Graduates: Stanton Elementary School’s Third Grade Class

To the third graders of Stanton Elementary School:

It was a little chaotic the first time I visited third grade. You all seemed a little wild, a little rude, a little crude, somewhat funny and far from cute. Just like me. I saw myself in this class and knew by the end of the day that I wanted to spend my year with all of you. You certainly weren’t as adorable as the first graders that I had shadowed the day before, but you guys were full of spirit. I wanted the challenge of working with you all every day and gaining your acceptance.

I have come to truly appreciate each and every one. Each of you in your own way are smart, charming, funny and talented. My time with you all has taught me to further appreciate individuality. You guys have taught me patience that I never knew that I was capable of. Working with the small groups and making progress, both small and large, made me so proud of all of you.

Every single one of you is capable of being whoever you want to be. Stanton is a wonderful place to be right now. Your teachers and administration are so very dedicated to you and your success in third grade and the future. They are there to help you and get you through your struggles, so don’t be afraid to rely on them. Also, while I may not be with you next year in fourth grade, there will be a City Year there with you. I hope you come to love and appreciate them as you have done with me.

I hope for the best for each and one of you. Never forget the lessons and teachers you had at Stanton. If you continue being Professional, Attentive, Thoughtful and Hardworking, there really isn’t anything you can’t achieve with life. So, to the college class of 2025, thank you all for the experience of a lifetime.


Mr. Savan Shah


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