It is that time of the year again…time to say goodbye to yet another amazing group of inspiring, intelligent and passionate corps members and to get ready for a new group to fill their boots and wear the red jacket at City Year sites across the country.

This past Friday, City Year Washington, DC held its 11th graduation ceremony at Langley Education Campus and welcomed 160 new members into the 15,000 person alumni network.

The theme of the night was definitely THANK YOU, including from our keynote speaker David Bowers of Enterprise Community Partners as he encouraged corps members to

“ keep coloring the sky blue.  When confronted with the grey skies of injustice, poverty, despair, keep fighting for justice over injustice, love over hate, compassion over greed…wherever you go, whatever you do…color the sky blue.”

I think that corps member speaker Matt Zittle said it best when he is said:

 “This year for better or worse has been a year that none of us will ever forget. Some of us are going back to college, or embarking on this endeavor for the first time and others will be starting our careers in different fields. Some of us will even be coming back to City Year to continue the work we started this year, myself included. Regardless of what we do, you all should be extremely proud of yourselves. This job is the farthest thing from easy. Ladies and gentlemen, those who didn’t quit, who fought it out for someone other than themselves, who went above and beyond the required hours and for those who gave a kid a reason to smile…I am so proud of all of you for the work you’ve done. I love you guys. Thank you. “

We all love you…THANK YOU for your service.


Any thoughts?

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