Beautiful: “having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.”

As a proud member of the CSX Civic Engagement Team that planned DCPS Beautification Day at MC Terrell Elementary School, I spent Saturday August 25 entrenched in this single, simple word. From seeing corps members arrive an hour early to how excited their faces looked upon first seeing their projects I knew from the beginning of the day that amazing work was going to happen at MC Terrell.

Within a few short hours a bland, concrete playground suddenly became a rainbow of colors as corps members scurried back and forth from my paint station to their projects determined to touch up existing playground games and create new ones. Across from me, volunteers were all abuzz and shouting out about “freshly tilled earth” as they zealously removed a stump that my team had thought would take too long to remove so that they could plant flowers.

Although I stayed outside for the day, I also heard about the work that was happening inside. A joy that was shared at the end of the day that especially caught my interest was that the volunteers who had finished the staircase painting project in a short 45 minutes moved right on to helping with the doors. Their tenacity truly maximized the impact City Year had on the school that day.

All too soon the day ended and I couldn’t help but look up from my paint station and see how beautiful MC Terrell had become. As Principal James told us, “The students will be so excited when they come outside and see this.” Everything that I saw on my team’s first service day makes me inspired to think about how spectacular all the physical service our new corps members are going to do this year.

-Written by Sheri Fisher, Corps Member serving on the CSX Civic Engagement Team


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