From One Parent to Another

Welcome parents of 2012-2013 City Year Washington, DC Corps Members! My daughter is also a City Year Corps Member, this year as a Senior Corps Team Leader. I want to share some of the things I learned as my daughter completed her first year of service.

The year of service with City Year Washington, DC is exciting, exhausting, amazing, challenging, frustrating, joyful, and an opportunity for incredible personal growth.

City Year service requires lots of energy. And City Year service creates lots of energy.

City Year believes in OUR children and the gifts and talents they bring to service, and trusts the sincerity of their desire to use these to make a difference in the lives of Washington, DC students.

My daughter needed my support during her year of service to listen to her frustrations, joys, ideas, questions, and stories. She needed me to understand that she loved the work she was doing, even if she felt overwhelmed at times. And occasionally, she needed me to remind her to eat a bit and get some sleep.

Cards, notes, care packages or any little reminder that I was thinking of her and proud of her choice to give a year of service were always much appreciated, of course – especially in February! For some reason, there tends to be a bit of a “down” period then, when extra support helped the winter seem more manageable.

I learned that attending the Opening Day and Graduation ceremonies were inspiring experiences. I learned that dialing into the parent phone conference helped me feel connected to my daughter, to City Year Washington, DC and program staff. I learned that visiting the school my daughter served in was an experience like no other! You really have to see that for yourself!

I learned that my daughter has grown up to the point that she is now working to create a better world not only for the students in Washington, DC public schools, but for me! And for that I am ever so proud and grateful.

So again, a warm welcome to all parents of new City Year Washington, DC Corps Members. And thank you for your gift of raising sons and daughters who have been inspired to give a year of service through City Year Washington, DC.

Nancy Mitchell is the mother of Kate Mitchell, a City Year Washington, DC Senior Corps Member on the Horning Family Foundation team serving at Garfield Elementary School.


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