How We Remembered 9/11

The 9/11 National Day of Service is meant to bring Americans together to remember and honor those that we lost. On the eleventh anniversary of this day, City Year Washington, DC corps members and AARP united in service.

At the Winston Education Campus, AARP volunteers flew into action by painting two large eagles, our national bird and the school’s mascot, on the gym walls. They also took to detail painting by creating silhouettes of great African American athletes such as Gabby Douglas and Sheryl Swoops on the gym walls. Other volunteers worked tirelessly during the day on canvas murals of book covers.

At Orr Elementary School, volunteers were engaged in several service projects including building cubbies for the after-school program and creating a 240 foot long mural on a ramp near the playground. The interior of the school was also transformed by volunteers adding silhouettes and murals to the cafeteria and painting an entire hallway. It was amazing to see how volunteers were able to interact with the students as they watched the school be transformed in front of their eyes.

Despite being at separate sites our hard work came together to make the Washington, DC community stronger and more united. From creating a culture of books and sportsmanship at Winston Education Campus to making a more beautiful space to learn at Orr Elementary, this Day of Service has truly reminded us of the heroes we honor on this day.

About the authors: Reid Lawrence and Sheri Fisher are senior corps members serving on the CSX Civic Engagement Team


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