Voices from Service: Field School Student Talks About Service with City Year

Field School Team

On Saturday, February 23, 90 students, staff and volunteers from the Field School joined City Year at Leckie Elementary School where they beautified the hallways and built benches and picnic tables just in time for spring. In this post, Gabe Coleman, Field Class of ’14, talks about his experience.

Field offers and hosts some wonderful events every year. Homecoming and Founders Day are probably at the top of most students’ lists. I believe that there is one more event that should be added to these lists: volunteering with City Year Washington, DC. There are many reasons why I believe City Year should be included in these lists. Working with City Year combines so many types of fun. I look forward to this day every year! Working with City Year is such a blast! Not only do you get to hang out with members of the Field community (parents, faculty, students and alumni) but you get to help those in need. One of my favorite things about Field is the balance between having fun and working hard. City Year encompasses both of these attributes. Whether you are painting murals with parents of a seventh grader you have never met, or building benches with your two best friends, you’re working hard while having an indescribable amount of fun. On top of having an awesome time and working hard, working with City Year incorporates one of the three prongs of Field’s mission statement: Generosity of Heart. As described by David Buffum, Associate Head of School at Field, Generosity of Heart “speaks for itself: be kind to other people, reach out, make [Field] a comfortable place as it is a comfortable place for you.” While working with City Year, Field is helping create a greater learning environment, reaching out to students and schools in need, and selflessly being kind to complete strangers.


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