Horning Family Fund Team at Garfield Elementary School

aberman_tomTom Aberman
Age: 18
Hometown: McLean, Virginia
High School: McLean High School
Intended major: Undecided as of now, but either Psychology, Physics or Music.
Favorite subject in school: Latin.  The class itself ended up with an amazing sense of community, the teacher was the absolute best I have had and the subject was very interesting to me.
Hobbies: Playing drums, both in the context of a rock band and marching band. I listen to a lot of very drum-heavy music, which ranges from metal to electronic.  I’m open to everything musically.
Favorite book as a child: A biography of Albert Einstein that was aimed at young adults. I have always been fascinated with space, and that book introduced me to relativity and other strange concepts.  Unfortunately in high school I fell out of love with reading, but I am trying to get back to it.
Favorite food: Brownies are always welcome, however, I will eat anything.
Languages spoken: English. I can read Latin but not very fluently./
Goal for the year: Make a measurable difference in all the kids on my focus list. This includes course performance, behavior and attendance. I’m also hoping to gain great relationships with my teacher and my entire team, and gain confidence in my ability to do good work.

bakhai_nehaNeha Bakhai
Age: 21
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
College: Duke University
Favorite subject in school: Growing up it was mostly science! But a lot depended on the teacher and grade.
Hobbies: Playing basketball and soccer, running, traveling, hiking, cooking.
Favorite book as a child: Danny the Dinosaur
Favorite food: Mac and Cheese
Languages spoken: Gujarati, Spanish, Swahili (basic)
Goal for the year: To help my students gain confidence in their own abilities and dreams.

brock_taliaTalia Brock
Age: 22
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
College: Denison University
Major: English Literature and Spanish double major
Favorite subject: Spanish
Hobbies: Biking, reading, playing basketball
Favorite book as a child: Ferdinand the Bull
Favorite food: I have too many! I’ll go with a good veggie burger.
Languages spoken: English and Spanish (a tiny bit of Arabic)
Goal for the year: To help at least one student feel confident in some course work that they previously struggled with.

blankheadshotSerena S. Elizondo
Age: 23
Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas
College: The University of the Incarnate Word
Degree: Bachelors of Communication Arts/ Minor in Spanish (I wish to pursue my masters in International Affairs or Foreign Policy.)
Favorite subjects: Reading and writing
Hobbies: Traveling, reading, writing, running, and learning new languages
Favorite childhood book: Anything by Dr. Seuss and the Mother Goose books
Favorite foods: Sushi and Mexican food
Languages spoken: English and Spanish
Goal for the year: My goal is to dedicate a year in serving our youth to help foster future generations. In addition, being able to obtain teaching credentials to teach English abroad, hopefully in the Peace Corps master’s program.

hurwit_caitlinCaitlin Hurwit
Age: 23
Hometown: Falls Church, VA
College: Bowdoin College
Major: Art History (minor in French)
Favorite subject in school: English, art and French
Hobbies: I love to write and read, and I love collaging, drawing and DIY crafts. I’m also very interested in journalism and wrote for my college newspaper.
Favorite books as a child: Anything by Beverly Cleary; I loved her Beezus and Ramona books! I was also (and still am) a big Shel Silverstein fan.
Favorite foods: I love El Salvadorean food and anything Italian. I also studied abroad in Sri Lanka and love the food there.
Languages spoken: French, English
Goal for the year: I want to share my love for learning with others and learn about my students and individuals with different strengths and passions. I also want to make a concrete plan for my future, including graduate school and a career path; at the moment I have a lot of various interests I’m trying to synthesize!

jennings_sarahSarah Jennings, Team Leader
Age: 23
Hometown: Marion, Massachusetts
High School: Old Rochest Regional – Mattapoisett, MA
Intended major: Psychology and Elementary Education
Favorite subject: Creative Writing and Social Psychology
Hobbies: Soccer, reading, running, cooking
Favorite books: Harry Potter Series
Favorite foods: Sushi & Thai food
Language: English
Goal: Challenge and develop myself and my team to find equanimity; to make a lasting difference in these children’s lives and instill a love for learning and a place where they feel safe

mills_emilyEmily Mills
Age: 21
Hometown: Lookout Mountain, GA
Major: Bachelor of Arts in Religion
Favorite subject in school: English, history, religion
Hobbies: Reading, traveling
Favorite books as a child: A Wrinkle in Time and Out of the Dust
Favorite food: Pesto spaghetti
Languages spoken: Sadly, only English.
Goal for the year: Serve with an open mind and act a strong role model. Love my school and students deeply.

blankheadshotAshley Pinder
Age: 18
Hometown: Hyattsville, Maryland
High School: Northwestern
Intended major: Doctor (ICU)
Favorite subject: Art
Hobbies: Reading, drawing, art
Favorite book as a child: Series of Unfortunate Events
Favorite food: Pizza or ice cream
Language: English
Goal: Learn more about myself, help kids and go to college!

pride_samuelSamuel Everett Pride III (Sam)
Age: 23
Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC
College: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Major: B.A. of African, Afro American, & African Diaspora Studies
Favorite subject in school: History
Hobbies: Listening to music, working out, reading, & dancing
Favorite book as a child: The Apartment Book
Favorite food: Lasagna
Languages Spoken: English & Spanish
Goal for the year: To take on every challenge with an open mind and heart, and to do whatever I can to assist the youth we are working with.

roberson_shanelleShanelle A. Roberson
Age: 23
Hometown: Sanford, NC
College: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Major: Double major in Psychology/Sociology with a minor in social and economic justice
Favorite subject: English/Literature
Hobbies: Volunteering, reading, sports, food, traveling, music
Favorite book: Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry
Favorite foods: Chicken parmesan, baked Mac & Cheese, apple pie
Languages: English (a little French and Spanish)
Goals: To instill the same love of learning/education that I had as a kid, in at least one student and to make an impact in at least one student’s life by showing them that they can have goals/dreams and that they can reach them and for them to know that they have support in and can trust City Year!

sage_brendanBrendan Sage
Age: 22
Hometown: Reading, MA
College: University of Vermont
Major: History
Favorite subject in school: Social Studies
Hobbies: Playing soccer and basketball, hiking, reading about current events on BBC News and in The Economist
Favorite book as a child: The Hobbit
Favorite food: Buffalo wings (preferably very spicy ones)
Languages spoken: English
Goal for the year: For my City Year, I have one goal connected to my service and one goal connected to my future career. My service goal is to genuinely convince as many of my students as possible of two things: that education is crucial to their future success, and that they can achieve academically regardless of their natural scholastic abilities. Both of these goals are difficult to achieve and to measure, but I believe they are the two intangibles that will have the greatest impact on my students’ academic and personal futures. For my career goal, I want to leverage my City Year experience, along with my Bachelor’s Degree and past career experience, into a paralegal position with a law firm in Washington, DC. The way that law intersects with every aspect of society has always interested me, and I believe after serving with City Year, I will have the necessary skills in leadership, organization, communication and teamwork to succeed in the field.


Any thoughts?

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