Walmart Team at Burrville Elementary School

blankheadshotMarkeda Noelle Corley
Age: 24
Hometown: Washington, DC
College: Delaware State University
Major: Integrated Studies, Focus area: Education & Psychology
Favorite subject in school: Music
Hobbies: Singing
Favorite book as a child: Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry
Favorite Food: Chicken and rice
Goal for the year: My goal of the year is to gradually grow as a person and discover unhidden talents and strengths within myself.

blankheadshotJoshua Ddamulira
Age: 22
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
College: University of Toledo
Major: Pharmacy Administration
Favorite subject in school: English and Language Arts
Hobbies: Movies
Favorite book as a child: To Kill A Mockingbird
Favorite food: Chapati
Goal for the year: If I can change one child’s life, then my service year will be worth it.

dilaura_jamesJed DiLaura
Age: 24
Hometown: Washington, DC
College: Eckerd College
Major: Psychology
Favorite subject in school: Astrophysics
Hobbies: Snowboarding, rock climbing, music appreciation, movies, TV
Favorite book as a child: Guns, Germs, and Steel
Favorite food: Pizza
Languages spoken: French and Japanese
Goal for the year: Read at least one book a month.

hall_annieAnnie Hall
Age: 18
Hometown: Centreville, VA
High school: Westfield High School
Intended major: Psychology and Education
Favorite subject in school: English, Music/Band, Psychology
Hobbies: Running, yoga, reading, writing, camping/hiking/backpacking, music performance/composition
Favorite books as a child: The Hatchet, Harry Potter Series, Shakespeare
Favorite food: Fruit
Goal for the year: make a positive difference that continues to have an impact after I leave City Year.

kelly_jalenJalen Kelly
Age: 19
Hometown: Washington, DC
High School: Washington Mathematics science & Technology Public Charter High School
Intended major: Business
Favorite subject in school: Math
Hobbies: I love to stay active and do anything that keeps me active and moving
Favorite book as a child: Cat in the Hat
Favorite foods: Pizza, lasagna and chicken
Goal for the year: To become more organized and achieve my goal of going to college.

lang_gusGustavo Lang, Jr., Team Leader
Age: 23
Hometown: Miami, FL
College: University of Miami, FL
Intended major: Psychology
Favorite subject in school: Math/Science
Hobbies: Music (singing, beatboxing, brass), socialization, biking, hiking, behavior analysis, ultimate Frisbee, eating, language learning
Favorite book as a child: The Alchemist
Favorite Food: Everything! I like to be adventurous, and in large quantities.
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Mandarin (conversationally), Learning Korean
Goal for the year: To develop into a stronger, more capable leader while enabling my team’s ultimate success, both with their scholars, and with their own futures.

blankheadshotDanielle Martin
Age: 25
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
College: Howard University
Major: Psychology
Favorite subject in school: Mathematics
Hobbies: Sewing and baking
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Languages spoken: English, French
Goal for the year: To give back to a city that has nurtured me in a number of ways throughout my college years.

blankheadshotAndrea Owusu-Sekyere
Age: 22
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
College: University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Major: Biology (B.S) and Psychology (B.A)
Favorite subject in school: Science
Hobbies: Singing, stepping, dancing, playing softball, travelling, trying new things and hanging out with friends and family
Favorite foods: Chipotle and any African dish
Languages spoken: English, Twi (West African dialect from Ghana) and Spanish
Goal for the year: I want every scholar at Burrville Elementary to believe that they can achieve great things. I want them to understand the power behind education and have the intrinsic motivation to take charge of their own success. I want to build a connection with the students, teachers, staff members, parents and community which accurately demonstrates the City Year brand and purpose, so that when our logo or red jackets are seen, our organization will be recognized as a team of individuals who have made an impact in the lives of the future leaders of America.

rodman_celieCelie Rodman
Age: 22
Hometown: Wakefield, MA
College: University of Vermont
Major: Community and International Development, minor in geography
Favorite subject in school: International development
Favorite book as a child: Goodnight Moon
Favorite food: Indian food
Languages: English, some Hebrew, French and Tamil
Goal for the year: To empower students at Burrville to discover their own capacities. I want my students to push their comfort zones and expand their perceptions of self. At the end of the year, if some of my students can acknowledge their growth and endless potential, then I will be happy.

roque_robinRobin Roque
Age: 21
Hometown: Livermore, CA
College: University of California, Santa Cruz
Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Favorite subject in school: Stem Cell Biology
Hobbies: Running, hiking, camping, piano, reading, writing, drawing
Favorite book as a child: The Hatchet
Favorite Food: Seafood
Goal for the year: My goal for this year is to show young students that learning can be fun.


Any thoughts?

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